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>> good morning, on saturday july 16, 2011. a stalemate in the debt deal. they may have taken the day off, but it was open mike night in washington, dc as the president and republicans aired grievances to the american people. >> he is proud to be an american and refuses to take down old glory. >> i die. and i will go to jail. >> a businessman's fight against city hall in the name of red, white and blue. >> they loved their love for each other on stage in front of millions and this morning they
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cannot be further apart. j lo' and marc anthony, on the outs. >> a lot of tears over this. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, "fox & friends" and the call center is open. you will win a tote bag from the call central. >> there were a lot of tears. you were ready for a different show but they are saying, j lo', i can't believe it. >> if j lo' can't say married who can, america? >> we want people to stay together. >> mar on -- more on that. >>dave: trying to spined actual democrats that republicans, democrats and president have rolled out.
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because you won't find any. there are no specifics. yet. but republicans took to the microphone on friday to tell the american people what they want to do. that is, cut, cap, and balance. they will vote in the house of representatives on an amendment that would cap spending related to the g.d.p. and require a balanced budget amendment. a symbolic vote but it will never pass the senate but it is a plan. >> and mcconnell and harry reid are working out a deal but the focus is on the cap, cut and balance. >> we will bring out a bill to provide a balanced approach so we can demonstrate we are getting things under control and the people we put us here can gain confidence. >> president obama in the press conference said time is running
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out. he said next week there will be symbolic votes but they are politically motivated. but speaker boehner says we are up against time and was speaking out against this. listen they speaker boehner. >> we are in the 4th quarter. republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and dress the issues. it is time for the democrats to get serious, as well. we asked the president to leave and put forward a plan and he hasn't. we will. >> president obama in the "wall street journal" they suggest that the president now is open to getting rid of tax increases as part of his deal. is he opening the door? top advisors have long wanted him to do that so he cannot be painted as a tax-and-spend
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leader. >>dave: this would allow america to pay the bills. at at the press conference on friday, he was opening the door to the plan on friday. >> a balanced budget amendment we need to make these tough choices. and be willing to take on our base. >> what is interesting is he is trying to take the focus away from a balanced budget amendment being worked on and focus on getting the debt increase, the debt limit raised rather than focusing on something broader which is cut, cap and balanced or the balanced budget amendment. he says let's get this problem solved first. the goal of cut, cap and balance is to change things down the road so we did not end up in this fiscal mess.
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>> everyone is going to the movies and a big story in the country right now and it relates to what is going on in the debt battle, the white house versus congress right now, battling, and president and cantor, reminiscent to harry potter and it ends this week. there is president obama versus speaker boehner. >> it would be terrifying if they had magical powers. how scary. >> who would be harry potter? >>dave: we will give you an idea, we compared the two in a roll out of this battle versus harry potter. look at this. >>
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i've been hearing from my republican friends for some time it is a moral imperative to tackle our debt and deficit in a serious way so i have said to them, let's go. >> we are in a crisis. >> i'm voting "no," on the debt ceiling. >> failing to raise the debt ceiling would be armageddon. >> i will not sign a 30-day or 60-day or 90-day extension. >> this debt limit increase is his problem. >> failure is not an option.
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>> this could have been avoided. >> you think you can hold the government ransom? >> we will in the support cuts. >> if not now, when? >> part two of the end of the harry potter series. don't know if you read the book. >> i love the close up of the wand signing the legislation. >>dave: that series ends, and the bad news for the american people this is in the ending. the debt ceiling, we will have to do this again in late 2012. so, one ends and one nowhere close. >> and the word armageddon, there is a bit of a connection
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there. >> let us know what you think of the drama in washington and if you went to see harry potter last night. >> a massive certain underway for a 24-year-old who escaped from the washington, dc holding cell and is considered armed and dangerous and is charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retireed army sergeant. from the big house to a safe house, casey anthony's attorney not taking chances when she is released. experts say she will be released in the middle of the knit before being rubbed to a secret location by a motorcade. yesterday her lawyer visited her in jail and admitted she is nervous about her release. we will talk to a defense attorney to find out what to expect when she is a free woman. >> americans are being warned they could become targets of drug cartels. recent f.b.i. drug arrests across the border from el paso,
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texas, are over retaliation with car bombs and attacks an border crossing. 21 were killed on tuesday in drug violence. new video from cape canavaral where a delta rocket blasted into space. this comes after two previous attempts were scrubbed because of weather. the rocket is carrying a new g.p.s. satellite and it is more accurate and more resistant to jamming. >>clayton: make sure your rockets do not have jammed signals. >>dave: how is the weather? rick: hot. it will be worse this weekend. for so many. right now it is 82 in kansas city and 83 in dallas. overnight you get some relief, but that is not the case and with this why usually she the
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heat index this time of day because it is not a factor but it feels like 87 in kansas city and 86 in dallas at 5:00 in the morning. it will bement all day long and the heat wave will be with us for the week. so another five or six days with extremely high temperatures well before average extending all the way into the northern plains. today temperatures are in the upper 90's and a repeat of that for the next couple of years. there is rain in florida and the southern area of the deep south. there is rain across parts of the plains and that could be severe. rain in the pacific northwest. gloomy there. cool temperatures across the pacific northwest but extreme heat and that is the story all among, and all weekend long. >> in new jersey, the owner of a four seasons diner in rio
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grande, new jersey -- who knew -- he has been told by the township he can face $1,000 fine for putting up flags. not the traditional locking flag but there is an ordinance against these flags on a string. $1,000 fine. but the diaper owner says he would rather die than take these down. >> he comes and and says it has to come down. they are americaning ins. unless i cannot see them and i am blind i will go to jill for that flag. >> there is an ordinance over the stringed banners but the owner from greece said he would go to jail for the american flag. >> this is a proud american a guy that gets it. he is of greek heritage.
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very proud of his flag. a distraction, should you be able to take down the american flag because it is labeled a "distraction." >>clayton: there is evidence that bin laden wanted to attack america on the 10th anniversary of september 11th. she gone but is there still a threat? i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is !
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at we put the law on your side. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >>dave: new revelation that bin was planning a strike on the united states on the soth
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anniversary of september 11th on the hills of an attack on mumbai when 21 were killed. is this a dry run for an attack here? and now the founder of a national security advisor to the christian action network, good morning, sir. what can we learn specifically from what happened in mumbai? is to revealing there is a threat? or are there things to take away? >> it shows we have to tackle all the terrorist network not just al qaeda. we have to go after the entire terrorist infrastructure inside of pakistan. >>dave: are we taking our eye off the ball? all we hear about is al qaeda? panetta and general petraeus saying we close to finishing them off. is that a public perception? >>guest: i'm concerned by the fact they do recite that there is a war on al qaeda and there are other groups like the indian
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mujaheddin who is in the to be a front for l.e.t. which operates openly in pakistan. a vast array of groups with the same ideology of al qaeda and we have to go after them just as much. >>dave: what role did pakistani play in this and are they our friend or foe? >>guest: the l.e.t. operate a huge infrastructure in magazine stage and bragged they have 200 facilities operating in pakistan and they have charity schools and pakistan does nothing about it. >>dave: and the funding of the military, we have cut off the military funding. is pakistan saying you need to start the money flowing again here? or we will in the help you? >>guest: that is the direction they are moving.
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i expect a rise in the attacks in afghanistan or to bring that message home, you need us i >>dave: and how big a concern is an attack in the united states on the 10th anniversary? >>guest: this is the first anniversary a sense of celebration and resolution and every member of al qaeda is going to want to spoil that. so you will have home green terrorists that will look at that date. >>dave: so all eyes on that date and that will be our tightest secured date so a difficult day to pull anything off? >>guest: it is possible but there are so many soft targets and the bar is so low for al qaeda because they have not pulled off another september 11th it does not have to be in new york city. >>dave: ryan, thank you for being here. millions of americans are
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>>dave: and armageddon is underway in los angeles, the ten pile stretch of the 405 freeway
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closed until monday morning with a goal to relieve the 405 bad traffic but that will cause major backups and significant headache. and federal prosecutors closing the book on a year long criminal investigation into the former u.s. senate candidate accused of using campaign money for personal expense. her campaign said they would reveal more details of the victory later today. goes? >> facebook and twitter could help you land the next job. >> joining us with tips on how to network the all their of "the you plan," and our columnist. you are up early. how can the intent be used to actually get a job? there are a lot of tools on the web but they don't always lead you to a position. >> i am talking about the idea
3:24 am
of social recruiting or using social media to build your who you know network. the challenge is getting out and making meaningful connections. the job market has always been about would you know. most jobs come from referrals. one in ten jobs comes through a personal referral and one in 219 jobs comes through a job fair. it is who you know. i am telling people how to build the "would you know," network. >> so, people sign up for twitter, for google plus which launched this week and will have 20 million user soon and they are frustrated because they are not tech savvy. >> if you are a middle age out of work person or a baby boomer look to your kids to start.
3:25 am
they are the masters of the technology. the technology is not that tough if you spend the time looking at it but it is not like going to the museum. this is not a trip to lock around you have to get on and interact. whether it is using facebook, using linked in or twitter, you have to make sure you are engaging and not just being a passive user. >> or not just self promoting. so many people have a wide range of friends or folks connected on facebook but they did not find ways to connect. and they are great tools allowing you to mine your connections. and you can make connections that way. >> how do you go from online to meeting someone face-to-face? >>guest: not just face booking but becoming face time.
3:26 am
you want to make meaningful connections to get your face in front of you and an opportunity that will help you. so, find a way to share information. make that contact back and forth. find out what you can offer to other people and at the end of the day especially locally, find ways to sit down and grab a coffee or go to the happy hour or any community you have going on to make it meaningful. >> and you are leading an american jobs conference this tuesday hosted by "tweet my jobs." >>guest: this tuesday starting at 12 we will be online the first ever american jobs conference on twitter and it will be hosted by "tweet my jobs," and pawlenty will start off with a "tweet note," talking about his thoughts on the job market and on how to use social media to connect to people.
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>>dave: it is www. and chaos in the courtroom when a defendant attacks the job. imagine that happening at the casey anthony trial? this is in the first time. >> and a lucky marine will have a date with an actress. >> and we celebrate ice cream we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those.
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>>dave: welcome back to "fox & friends" and a great story we have covered on the network is the marine who asked out mila, a hollywood actress on youtube. the question: would she go with this brave american? and it appears there are good answers and maybe another celebrity going to the marine ball. >>clayton: this is the
3:32 am
original message from the sergeant. >> i take a moment of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18, in north carolina. >>clayton: i love the walk and talk. she has accepted the marine. >> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. >> okay. all do it for your country? >> i'll do it for you. >> i'll do it for you. >> and november? >> you have to go? >> all right. >> we will work this out. >> we will make this happen. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18. i accepted the invitation and i'm staying true to my word.
3:33 am
>> and she had not seen the video. >> she a handsome guy. >> the key was timberlake saying you have to do this for your country and when he said that, you knew it was only a matter of time before a female said, justin, you do this, you come with me. >> she is a martial arts master who asked out justin. and this is a marine. don't want to mess with her because she can kick your butt. >> so, justin, want to call out my girl mila i will call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me in november, and? you can't go i say "cry me a river." >> i can see them dancing together, she has moves. >> she better have some moves. he can shake it. >> his response, a good ending to the story.
3:34 am
justin ... >> i accept. but not because she shouted out one of my songs which i do love and not because she ... had all those beefcake military gives behind her to try to intimidate me, why get asked out. ever. so i was very nottered by that. it's an on. >>clayton: "cry me a river." >>dave: so great ending to the story, the military ball will be a star-studded event in november. >> and a female marine asked out dave. >> so, disturbing new accusations against the brooklyn butcher who kidnapped and murdered an 8-year-old leiby kletzy. he tried to kidnap another boy a week later and he tried to
3:35 am
snatch a woman's son but she scared him off when she started to scream. he is facing criminal court charges and the grand jury expected to indict him by next week. >> the united states and 30 allies recognize the opposition rebels in libya as the legitimate government not the government of muammar qaddafi. so they will have access to $30 billion in libyan assets held in the united states. you have heard of the controversial gun program where the government let weapons flow into mexico. now there are calls for another investigation after reports that a second version of the program was running in florida has resulted in guns trafficked to central america, possibly into the hands of dangerous gangs. a florida congress man sent a letter to the a.t.f. demanding answers. >> a top executive quick at news
3:36 am
international in britain, the the dow jones chief executive resigned hours after the chief announced her recognition and the c.e.o. murdoch has apologiesed for wrongdoing in a full page ad running in british papers this week. news international is owned by the parent company of fox news. >> after seven years of marriage, j lo' and marc anthony call it quits saying "we have decided to end our marriage. this was a difficult decision and painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy." the two recently performed a steamy routine at the "american idol," finale in may. they are parents to three-year-old twins.
3:37 am
>>dave: if this doesn't shatter your faith in the institution of marriage, i don't know what will. her third marriage, right? i am devastated. j lo' is back on the market. >>dave: and she looks boater than ever, my friends. rick: just saying ... look at the weather. a big story this weekend and this week that will affect so many people. it is the heat. and the heat index across the plains it feels like the mid-80's. and at 5:30 in the morning and you want it to be cool and air the house out and that is not the case. a rough situation there. we have talked about this for months, the heat across the south building to the north and the forecast today, across the southeast, scattered thunderstorms as the day heats up. hot and humid. and not just hot, but humid. the heat index is high.
3:38 am
and warm all the way to the northeast and 86 this portland and chicago is muggy at 88 and cheyenne, 90. wichita, 106. and human. so, everybody across the eastern part of the country is hot and across the host and to the pacific northwest, cool, and san diego is 74 and 68 in seattle. we continue to stay warm tomorrow, 99 in rapid city and 97 in minneapolis and 94 in chicago and monday, same story, climbing a few degrees with 100 degrees breaking out in the none plains. the heat is on. it will be hot tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday and it will build in the eat. check on your neighbors, stay cool, stay inside, and try to stay outside in the main part of the day. clayton? >>clayton: in the hot summer
3:39 am
days, cool and delicious ice cream and july is "national ice cream month." we are celebrating national ice cream month, ronald reagan designating it so in 1984. this is important because new we have to learn how to make ice cream using your marble slab creation. >> what people do they come to the floor, select the flavor, and there are lots of flavor, we have a board, we tell you to pick your flavor and topping and we mix it. >>clayton: and now we have a frozen slab you they ice cream on. >>guest: you have to scrape the ice off so it does not stick but you select your ice cream flavor like strawberry. >>clayton: and it is a buffet
3:40 am
of flavors. >>guest: we have all different types of flavors, tons of flavors. >>guest: there is a special technique so the mixing does not runaway. you mix. >>clayton: and your last name is "topper." is that fake? >>guest: no. i did not know i would be in this loin of work. this is a technique that is all in the wrist. will you hold the microphone? >>clayton: that is a broadcasting no no. you have to get some of the shavings in, andrew. get the shavings in. and i picnic other topping i want. >>guest: i can put more flavors in. >>clayton: what kind of crazy
3:41 am
things do kids ask for? >>guest: gummy bears. >>clayton: i love this ice cream, if you get a chance to celebrate, today, especially, because it will be so stinkin'ment out there. dave, you want ... >>dave: just with berries. national ice cream day. tomorrow, also, casey anthony walks out of jail a free woman facing death threats and public outrage. where can she go? how will the defense tomorrow handle her freedom?
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>>clayton: atlantis get as surprise wake-up call. >> good morning, "atlantis," this is beyonce. >>clayton: dave how would you like to be awakened by beyonce? with an el belt to the midsection. today the crew will focus on transferring supplies back and forth between the space station and the logistics model, of course. and, net to -- note to self, if
3:46 am
you are in family court you do not want do do this. she attacks a judge. she was there to defend herself against domestic violence charges. filed by her husband. she now faces four months in jail. >> shockwaves across the country and now casey anthony will be free tomorrow but because of death throats and the high profile nature of the case details of the release are secret. >>dave: how will the defense handle this and what will life be like for her after? there will be a pool photographer, still and video and you will see video of casey anthony walking out of jail. how can they keep her away from the camera, the networks, including this, have chase cars to follow her and i assume there
3:47 am
will be helicopters. how will she side from this. >>guest: what you have to remember certainly until she is officially released into the community she is the jail's responsibility and they are going to work above and beyond to try and protect her security. whether she can prevent her from being photographed or a chase car following her is in the relevant. it is whether they can protect her security. having this photographer wasn't some kind of deal, as well, to prevent 3,000 photographers. allowing one. >> will authorities be held to expectation that should protect her? >>guest: once she is officially released, until she is released she is their responsibility and when she is released their obligation is to protect her from "credible let." they have not deemed any threat credible but if they do they have an obligation to protect her but politically she is in
3:48 am
the america's sweetheart and there will be a lot of political pressure to not spend taxpayer money to keep her safe. on the other hand, we don't want vigilante justice, and the whole community has an interest in that. >>dave: i envision a shell game with considers but why see that happening because baez will not foot the bill. she appealed the conviction on lying to the police. why? what is the likelihood of being let off? >> there is no benefit in doing it. she served her time, her fines are minor, but the only benefit to her in the long term is less of a record, she has four misdemeanors and then she would only have one misdemeanor. >> she is trying to clear her name to create a blank state. we all know who she is. >>dave: she is in the getting hired at the local daycare center. >> is this publicity to make
3:49 am
herself look better? >> i with not be surprised it is about the lawyers feeling it was double jeopardy, pure jurisprudence academic issue. >> are the lawyers trying to make money? >> no, they are not making money. >> no, they are not. criminal against attorney, we will be on it tomorrow and show you her release on "fox & friends" and next, after days the negotiation the president and congress do not have a deal.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> good morning, everyone. parents, our next guest says we are so politically correct we pore get to teach our kids about pride. >>dave: and the author of "how to raise an american patriot," wants to get us back on track. this is an important lesson in this country. are we losing the message? how to be proud of your country? >> we have. we have gotten so politically correct we are just, we did not know how to teach that to our kids and it is frustrating as
3:54 am
parents people did not put their hand on their heart or stand up for the "star spangled banner." >> don't take off the hats during the anthem. >> why do they do that? it is a flow country but as parents we should teach our children. >>clayton: you have created five pillars of patriotism to teach our children. number one is learn your history. why is that is important? >>guest: it is interesting there are so many things the children are learning that are not about our founding, right? there are so many things they do not have time for and parents need to supplement them. when you tell stories of the founders, it is interesting. they are super heroes, too. it is important to learn that. in the back, -- in the back they tell steps of george washington
3:55 am
being shot through his clothes. it is adventurous, right. >>dave: and now the five pillars: have faith, be good citizens, did your doubt, and pass it on. when we have these days like the 4th of july, is it important for parents to take a moment, take two minutes it is not about just the fireworks or memorial day, the barbecue, how do you do that? >>guest: you talk about what our soldiers are doing and why we flag the flag, and all the important things that we did not talk about enough about why we do what we do. >>clayton: kids learn from their parents, right? so companies have to lead by example. >>guest: and in my book, show them you are voting, and she them you care enough to call your congressman or senator or go to a city council meeting. get involved. be part of the system so they
3:56 am
understand their part of "we, the people." >>dave: my three-year-old thinks everything red, white and blue is captain america, and it is not america, it is our country. take the 30 seconds. "how to raise an american patriot," thank you for being here. >>clayton: go grab some ice cream. >> the governor perry asks people to pray with him and now he is facing a lawsuit.
3:57 am
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>> good morning, president obama says 80 percent of americans want a balanced approach dealing with debt. the numbers could tell a different story. we look closer. >> a burglar messed with the wrong dude. (inaudible). >> meet the iraq war vet who took matter spas his own hands. >> speaking of cops dealing with a serious problem, kids selling lemonade told to shut down their stand "or else." >>clayton: "fox & friends" starts hour two right now.
4:01 am
>> coming up on the show, karl rove is outside right now getting and ice cream before his appearance. >>dave: we will show you moms how to work out, burn calories, build muscle, while playing with your kids, your babies, at the playground. my friend will show you how to do that. >>clayton: and we thank creative play things to setting up the nice play things. my wife said we and in the both go to the gym at the same time, and we have to figure out a way to do that. >> just sitting on the plaza, they set that up outside, isn't that amazing? >>clayton: congress went back to their districts without deal. president obama in the press conference yesterday saying a number of things that raised a
4:02 am
few eyebrows. he believes tax cuts are helpful for the economy, and he also said that 80 percent of americans want a balanced approach to the budget deal. take a listen. >> we have 80 percent of the american people who support a balanced approach. 80 percent of the american people support revenues and cuts. so the notion that somehow the american people are not said is not the problem. the problem is members of congress are dug in ideologically. into various positions because they box themselves in with previous statements. >>dave: presidents have beg staffs and it takes a lot of creative math to get to that 80 percent because i am going through the polls and i cannot get to 80 percent of the american people. in the even 80 percent of
4:03 am
democrats are in favor of tax hikes to raise the debt ceiling. but the president the president possibly could be referencing, unless they did their own polling, and it says 50 percent of the american public says they want to do this, raise the debt ceiling with spending cuts entirely alone, and 32 percent, tax increase, and cuts, nowhere near the 80 percent. >>clayton: you are talking spin, molly and he says a balanced approach and says 80 percent of the people include revenues and taxes and that is not accurate. the presidents are showing americans understand the debt ceiling is important and it as a result it need need to do a compromise which would include revenues. molly: everyone has their own ideas on this and some could be agreeable do some taxation but not a lot and everyone wants more of the spending cuts which are high on people's list looking at the polls.
4:04 am
should a tax hike be included in legislation to raise the debt ceiling? 34 percent say yes and 55 percent say no. >>dave: we are two weeks away from america not paying their bills and what is the plan the president has? nothing. so we have not seen any specifics from the president. and the democrats in the senate still without a plan, as well. molly: waiting for a compromise. >>clayton: we will get karl rove to weigh in on that. but first the headlines. molly: a 24-year-old man escaped from the washington, dc holding cell and is considered armed andization and is charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant. if you have information call 9-1-1. federal transportation officials looking into whether drugs and alcoholbly add role in the jet
4:05 am
collision on the runway at logan airport. passengers say the crash was terrifying but new tapes reveal the pilots remain calm. take a listen. >> we will have to wait for a moment, i think we hit the left of the wing. >> he did hit me. >> the f.a.a. is investigating saying they hope to have a preliminary report on the cause of the crash in the next two weeks. >> americans are warned they could become targets of mexican drug cartels. the u.s. government says recent drug arrests could lead to retaliation with car bombs and attacks at border crossings. 21 were killed on tuesday in drug violence. >> president obama will meet with the dalai lama this morning, and will urge some of the aides to speak with china which exiled the dalai lama
4:06 am
decades ago and china is not happy with the meeting. >>clayton: and now rick and the forecast. rick: incredibly hot temperatures across the plains. 13 states have a heat advisory going on. the worst is in the maroon areas up to canada and with us, unfortunately, for five to six days. nothing will break this down. we are talking about heat and drought for the last six to eight weeks and it just is insult on to injury. here are the high temperatures today across the plains: extremely uncomfortable. a little bit of rain in the southeast and big downpours across the central gulf area toward georgia and florida and the areas dealing with droughts. they will get more of that today and the northern side of this, showers and you think that is relief but it means it is humid so we have high temperatures and
4:07 am
humidity in place and it feels from 110 to 115. in the northwest, no summer, with rain showers and today is bloomy with temperatures below normal across the west coast. 100 in dallas and 97 in minneapolis. that is hot for minneapolis and it will take that way on monday. >>clayton: so move to maine where it will be 77. molly: and on a hot day, how about lemonade? >>dave: unless you are in georgia. kids are selling lemonade without a permit! setting up lemonade stands trying to screw around city laws but in the in. , the police are on it. they shut them down. >>clayton: you need a permit.
4:08 am
you need a permit. molly: the p would -- the permit would cut into your lemonade profit. >>dave: here is the police chief justifying. >> the guys are young, but, still, breaking the law and we cannot let you do it, the law is the law and we have to be consistent with how we enforce the laws. we are not who made the lemonade or what the lemonade was made with. >> the police enforce the laws, they do not write the law so the problem starts with the law, so, look, you have bizarre laws and police have to enforce, they don't have any say, the droopy pants law, enforce it. in cigarette smoking in central park, police have to enforce that. what do you think about that? >>dave: is there in real crime
4:09 am
being committed in georgia? i'm sorry, trying to remain unbiased. we will talk to the family and the little girls who were shut down and their trip to the water park is gone. >>clayton: i tried to raise money to buy my first nintendo. i raised $8. >> coming up, we told law is in deal on the debt ceiling and karl rove says the president only has himself to blame. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed!
4:10 am
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4:12 am
♪ hah @
4:13 am
>>clayton: time is running out on the debt ceiling and president obama is back to the blame game. >> it turns out our problem is we cut taxes without paying for them over the last decade. we ended up instituting new programs like prescription drug program that was not paid for. we fought two wars. we didn't pay for them. we had a bad recession. that required a recovery act and stimulus spending. and helping states and all that accumulated and there is interest on top of that. >>dave: is he blaming your former boss? >>guest: taxes went up after taxes were cut and a quarter of
4:14 am
the democrats vetted for the tax cuts. the choice on prescription drug benefit was between a plan of $850 billion from the democrats in the paid for or a republican plan that was a third the cost of that not paid for, and we fought two cars and financed them through debt and i point out this president has continued to fight two wars without paying for them and increased discretionary domestic spending by 84 percent without paying for it, we have the largest deficits in history and the highest deficit as a percentage of g.d.p. since world war ii and we have not paid for them. >> our viewers are fired up on the 80 percent and the president saying 8 percent of americans want tax increases. >>guest: no true. not true. you will notice the president has not spelled out the tax increases she in favor of but to say he wanted to tax millionaires and billionaires and six times during the news
4:15 am
conference corporate debts which will be $3 billion and his budget plans called for running up $12 billion in additional deficit which will be offset with $3 billion. last week the's credibility. i love the preaching to the republicans in congress and democrats saying you must vote to raise the debt ceiling when he voted against raising the debt ceil in 2006. molly: they are using words like armageddon. it speaks to the level of crisis they believe is happening but both sides are digging in their heels. >>guest: it is interesting, the last 24 hours the republicans have said they will bring up the cap, cut and balance bill for a vote and the democrats are saying this is going nowhere but it could the begin to do something in the husband house -- house of
4:16 am
representatives to allow them to move a measure. the democrats will in the take it up in the senate but that opens the door to take some of the spending cuts, bundle them with an increase in the debt ceiling smaller than the cuts and send that to the president and the president for the first time yesterday said he was willing to sign something like that. >>dave: your friend said that the republicans are outmaneuvered, and the house speaker is disoriented. >>guest: at the end of the day the president has a bigger mega phone. he owns the problem. if there is a solution to it, like the one i outlined he has to be shown kicking and screaming coming to that resolution. we spent six months with the president saying, i want a clean debt celling vote with no offset. yesterday, if the news conference he said the third
4:17 am
possibility is the worst of all that we raise the debt ceiling without seeking this historic opportunity to reduce spending. >> can wasn't this outrage when your boss was in there? why did we hear from the republicans about/ing spending? >>guest: i tell you why. >> presidents have raised the debt ceiling. >>guest: because the percentage of debt was in the mid-30's down from 41 percent under bill clinton and 44 percent under his father, and slightly higher under ronald reagan. we were on a downward sleep. the debt as of today is almost 70 percent, public debt of the united states 70 percent of g.d.p. what has happened with this president and his spending patterns, is extraordinary. we have had explosion, 84 percent increase in discretionary domestic spending. every bit of that increase paid
4:18 am
for with red ink. with debt. we have seen a dramatic change. the deficit has been going up and down but in a jagged pattern moving down. under this guy it is going like this. molly: this is a problem, new we are hitching a ride with russia to get to the space station and he has not agreed with the military commanders, just a ton of different things that have been happening recently making it more difficult. >>guest: every president has to operate on different venues but the amazing thing is the president is out of sync. we have then when the shuttle program was ending and the question is, what is the next step for america's space program? the administration is without a vision. the military commander, the president has taken a step for politics like the debt ceiling. why are we talking about $2.24
4:19 am
trillion get ceiling because he wants to get beyond the next election. he decided not to listen to military commanders is he could help his re-election saying we will be back to presurge levels in afghanistan by the end of the summer of 2012 which the military commander said it is not a go idea. >>dave: and a poll says no one has a favorite in the republican field. 58 percent do not have a favorite and a poll said a generic republican beats obama. what do you make of the generic who does not exist. >>guest: the first is people are waiting to see how the candidates perform. there is no frontrunner, no runaway favorite as we have had since 1951 when eisenhower got in the race we had a runaway favorite. but not this year.
4:20 am
they are on the side lines watching. that is why the events will be so important. but the generic ballot is a problem for obama showing people are down on him. the idea of you will have a republican opponent and i am for the republican opponent whoever it is, is a bad sign for the obama white house. >>clayton: great to see you, thank you for joining us. >>guest: thank you for letting me come in without a tie. >>clayton: don't let it happen again. molly: probably not a good idea to break interest a war veteran's home. >> i am ready to go right now with my gun drawn.
4:21 am
u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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4:24 am
molly: prayer is coming under fire after texas governor perry invited people to a prayer event. >> i'm all too aware of government's limitations for fixing things that are spiritual in nature. that is where prayer comes in. and we need it more than ever. molly: throughs are planning atheist groups gin forced with freedom from religion to sue the governor. we will hear from both sides with the president of the american atheist leading a protest at the day of prayer and the legal counsel for the american family association, the group that is organizing the event in texas.
4:25 am
thank you for joining me this morning. this event is in the really that unusual in the grand scheme of things, american political heards have held prayer events in the past and publicly prayed, right? >>guest: and people pray all the time. >> every president all the way through but for one has always issued prayer proclamations including president truman when he said it was only because of god that we when world war ii and he said that in the surrender document he signed from germany. you have president carter quoting scripture and every other president issuing these proclamations so this is historically common and probably one of the most american things we do. molly: the august prayer rally being held in houston will bring thousands, david, what is the problem here with governor perry doing this?
4:26 am
>>guest: actually it is going to bring tens of thousands and hundreds of millions into the church. and it is because governor perry is publicizing this event from his office viga his website, and the reason he is doing this is because he has in real plan to rescue the state. is he is using his christianness as a smokescreen to distract everyone away from the fact he has no idea of how to fix the problems of texas. million you could not think this is an attempt to reach out to god. >>guest: no this is an attempt to cover his in competent butt and we urge christians to come out and picket on our side. molly: but people are being invited, in the forced it come, this is freedom of religion and speech. >>guest: and governor perry has the trite pray but not to use his office to push a multimillion dollar prayer event for a specific church.
4:27 am
molly: your reaction to this? >>guest: look at the national day of prayer, congress passes a specific statute declaring a "national day of prayer," and every president using all of their white house resources to have national day of prayer events and promoting the national day of prayer including president obama continuing that tradition by using his government website. there is nothing that governor perry is doing that is different than what president obama is king. further, one of the things i don't understand is why is it when an event is popular somehow that is a bad thing? it is great that folks can come together and exercise their first amendment rights of freedom of religion and speech. >>guest: but this is a politician using christianity to cover his own incompetence so we are asking the texas christians to see through this smokescreen. governor perry has in idea, no
4:28 am
clue, no plan. so he is saying, don't fire me, don't hate me, i'm christian. he is using--. >>guest: governor perry doesn't need this event. >>guest: it does, texas is last in education, and last in s.a.t. scores. molly: you have very strong feelings on this but we have to wrap up the discussion. the prayer event in houston, there will be a protest outside and the governor perry is facing a lawsuit. molly: the nation is riveted by the tragic kidnapping of a boy and it almost happened again, a toddler almost abducted and caught on camera. stay tuned. ♪
4:29 am
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♪ i'm your fire ♪ your desire >>clayton: they are dancing, or working out with kids because we will show you a few minutes, and this is important for moms, finding time to work out with your kids. and you lose your work out while you are at the park watching the kids. >>dave: imagine this, you are lured to the united states by dreams of the american dream, by visions of opportunity to start your own business. you save enough money to open a diner and you want to celebrate, right? you want to put up flags. and the man who owned a new jersey diner put up american flags. and he was told by the town, you
4:34 am
have to take down the american flags or pay up. what would you do? would you take down the flags? he says "no way." here is the diner. >> he comes and and says they have to come down. they are americaning flags! i would die and go to jail for that flag. >>clayton: he is from greece and is naturalized. he said he will die for the flag and go to jail. the township has an ordinance saying it looks bad. we got e-mails from a number of people. >>dave: including clayton. this is in the from me but another clayton, in west virginia. "it's a sad day when you cannot express your patriotism for your country; my hat is off to this man for standing up." >> and from missouri, my husband and i are cheering this man on,
4:35 am
there should be more people like him. >> barbara: the problem is, these are banners, not really flags, the man should take the banners down and line his building and grounds with real flags, not beeners strung from -- banners strung from a building to a pole. >>dave: he says he will go ahead and pay the fine $1,000, i think. >> we are ready for more headlines. nadal hassan accused of killing 13 people in ft. hood will be arraigned july 20th over 13 counts of premeditated murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. he was least pair hissed. >> a grand jury will endiet the brooklyn butcher accused of
4:36 am
kidnapping leiby kletzy. and in a disturbing twist there are reports that he tried to kidnap another boy a week before leiby kletzy disappeared. and one of the neighbors say he tried to snatch her son, as well, but she scared him off when she started to scream. and it almost happened again a little boy nearly kidnapped. watch this suspect hit the floor at the "best buy," with a man grabbing a one-year-old boy, and he panicked and the boy's father runs after them. >> he got law the first door, what he saw me or realized what he was doing, he threw my son out of the way and he did that and i was right there, on him. >> police arrested the 23-year-old in the parking lot and is charged with child abduction and assault. >> over 200 washington, dc
4:37 am
public school teachers are out of a job let go for poor scores on a rigorous evaluation system. the tests are teach ability set up by michelle rhee. the vast majority of teachers were retained and the union calls this "bias." and sir paul mccartney is the new hero the yankee stadium. ♪ tomorrow i'll miss you ♪ remember i'll always be true be true ♪ >> there was a 35-song set. >> me father loved the beatles and we grew up with the beatles. >> in response to popular demand he will play at yankee stadium again tonight. >> i want to see him.
4:38 am
>> one guy on my bucket list. >> and our good friend was at the concert. and now outside to rick. rick: i come out here and lock what is going on. look. that was a mess up. that is what is happening with your ice cream out here, clayton. and now the weather maps. drought all across the south and the entire state of texas has drought beginning on, and at least what of it is exceptional, the highest category. and drought with high temperatures and it will not change the high temperatures, and now you can see the current heat index across the country as you wake up this morning. it feels like 85 in kansas city
4:39 am
and same with dallas and minneapolis at 72 and into the 90's and everyone deal, with the heat in the eastern two thirds of country and it will be worse of a heat wave than last week. and longer. so prepare for that. the day is looking like this, summery in the southeast with showers and "atlanta," is 78, and 106 in wichita, and the west coast, the coast is looking good but we will still have heat. a great person here new to talk about the big meatball. >> my baby is six months and make "fox & friends" debut and something i have noticed sense i have been a mom it is impossible to find time to work out and there is no excuse especially when you have a big wait.
4:40 am
and the moves help a fussy baby. >> sometimes he likes to be bounced. so this is a pliet, and then to the side, middle, and side, middle, and side, and middle, so working glutes and arms. >> my favorite move is the baby bicep. my son loves this. he always laughs. look at that smile. and my baby is 24 pounds so, i am getting a work out with him. dads love this when he was four to six months and now he is a bit big and he wants to get on the swing but what he does love, is shoulder time and this will be when they are a little younger and you go to a play
4:41 am
ground, and set up these things for us. so, one of the moves you can do is set your baby on the swing and come down on the floor and push. and back. and push. and become. good for your arms, just lick you are at the gym with the ab roller. all in the core. i will leave my son in here, and these swings are awesome. you can find a plank so you put one foot on the shoe laces and you can do pushup, a regular plank, you can do knee pulls or a good workout and you do a pike. these are great for the core and
4:42 am
building upper body strength. or try this. >> we have time for one more move. on the slide you can do crunches or find a ladder or bench and do these. this will get your heart rate up, work cardio and abs and your butt. it is awesome. you can check out more moves with eight workouts and dvd's and she helped me lose my baby weight. i am still working on it but i have a big baby to lift so that will help. >>clayton: you can use furniture around the house. >>dave: we thank creative play things for setting up the lay ground outside. >>clayton: there are a lot of things when you are sitting with the kid all day now you have no
4:43 am
excuse. molly: that was great. >>clayton: still no data on the debt thing. stay tuned. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t.
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>>dave: time is running out for a debt deal. the fight is coming down to whether or not to raise taxes on the american people.
4:47 am
>>clayton: and we have president of the americans for tax reform the man behind the "no tax pledge," which makes them put their no new taxes rhetoric in writing. nice to see you. it sounds like the 87 freshmen are a thorn in the president's side and maybe even to speaker boehner. what strikes me is yesterday behind closed doors there was a power point presentation to she the freshmen republicans how damaging not reaching the debt ceiling would be. are you concerned they are holding fast on no taxes being raised could be a problem? >>guest: i'm convinced talking to speaker boehner and cantor and mcconnell and the republican leadership on both sides that the republicans are going to hold firm to not raise taxes. the problem, of course, is that obama and reid and pelosi have
4:48 am
added trillions of spending the next decade and we need to spend less. raising taxes does not reduce spending. raising taxes is what obama wants to do instead of cutting spending. while it is important to come to an agreement that reduces spending and allows the debt ceiling to increase it is also critical we not get fooled into raising taxes instead of cutting spending. >>dave: the "washington post" says no one is elected but he is a major obstacle to the deficit reduction agreement. are you concerned that pledges like yours could be a wedge in the party putting one against the other in the party? >>guest: well, no, all but six members of the united states house of representatives are republicans, all but six have signed the pledgement to raise taxes and all but seven of the republicans have taken the pledge. there is in division in the republican party.
4:49 am
>>clayton: it seemed line boehner was coming to the table with the $4 trillion package they could is gotten could that have been the best deal? yes, it included some tax increases if medicaid and medicare and social security were thrown in. >>guest: a challenge with the obama approach is he is not putting things in writing. we are having a conversation about paragraphs. the republicans pass the the ryan plan and the president has not put anything forward in writing so when he said i have a reasonable plan, he is describing a unicorn. we would like to see it. >>dave: he does need to unveil specifics. if we end up with the reid and mcconnell land that leaves revenues off the title and entitlements untouched is that the worst case scenario? >>guest: no worst case is for obama to drag congress into raising taxes to pay for his
4:50 am
higher legal of -- level of spending and make that the new normal, to put us on the road to greece. that is the worst. we need to cut spending but obama is the president and he thinks higher spend level is an accomplishment rather than the mistake. >>clayton: thank you for joining us this morning. gave dave a would be robber messed with the wrong guy. next the iraq war veteran who took matter and his own hands.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
molly: a burglar in indiana picked the wrong house. >> someone is breaking into my
4:54 am
house and i have my guns drawn right now. right now. >> that was an iraq war veteran and he joins us this morning to talk about it. nice to see you, joseph. unbelievable. you hear that tape, it doesn't sound like you were scared. >>guest: no, no, didn't bother me a bit. i was working and the neighbor called and said it looked like someone was breaking into my house so i left work, drove home and upon arriving home i grabbed the gun and i cleared the house i found the burglar. molly: did you think anyone was in there because he resecured the door. >>guest: at first i didn't, i thought maybe someone was just coming by but i get to the back of house that is where he was. >> did you call police on the way home? or think you could handle it, this is what you did in iraq,
4:55 am
you knew what to do. so you decided to clear the house yourself. what are you thinking approaching the house? >>guest: nothing, it felt normal to me, i didn't feel like i was home. >>clayton: what was he doing? >>guest: walking from my bedroom into my son's bedroom. molly: what did you do? >>guest: he turned and looked at me and i turned my laser, and i did that and he actually had his attention and he took two steps toward me and i said take another step i pull the trigger and i commanded him to get on the ground and he did i crosses his legs and enter laced them and i called 9-1-1. >> he asked to use the bathroom? >>guest: yes, he did. joseph i broke into your house and i need to use your cell phone.
4:56 am
>>clayton: did he have any items? >>guest: he had a military medal and he had a few bottles of cologne. >>clayton: fortunately no one was home. it could happen any time. it makes me unease thinking of my son being at home breaking in >>guest: that is why i got a concealed handgun license and i was still living in illinois they will in the pass a law for it, so, i would not have been able to do this, and i could do it in indiana. >>clayton: we appreciate your service to our country, as well, and this incredible story. molly: parents want out, a new push to put kids in foster care
4:57 am
if they are too fat. should the government step in if kids are obese? kids are obese? we report, you decide. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables,
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plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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5:00 am
molt million good morning, it is saturday, july 16th. in deal on the debt but both sides are ready to act although they are bickering. >> we asked the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan. not a speech. a plan. and he hasn't. we will. molly: find out what is in the plan and what the president has to say about it. >>dave: yes, it's a date. mila confirms she is going to the ball but she is in the -- not the only one. j let, two months after she shook up the stage together with
5:01 am
this. they are splitting up. marc anthony and j lo' calling it quits. a lot of tears this morning in fox newsroom. hour three starts right now. >> you are watching the best show on television, "fox & friends" right here. >>dave: and welcome to "fox & friends" and thank you for waking up with us on saturday morning. polly is here with us, and nice to see you. we saw people here for the concert. where is ali, and we say it could be 2014 when the presidential election comes around. >> she will be back soon, the maternity shuffle is still continuing. >>dave: will she return first or will we have a debt deal first? that is up for debate. you can have an office pool we
5:02 am
are two weeks owe from america in longer being able to pay all of its bills, a we fault -- default to our creditors. republicans finally started to emerge with their plan on friday. >>clayton: the plan probably has in help of being passed, the cut, cap, and balance. it will hit the house of representatives later this week and here is cantor talking about this. >> we will bring a bill forward, the cut, cap and balance bill, to bring a balanced approach so that we can demonstrate we are getting things under control and that the people who put us here can gain some confidence. >> we're in a fourth quarter. time and again the republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and stress the
5:03 am
-- address the issues. it is time for the democrats it get serious. we asked the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan. not a speech. a real plan. and he hasn't. we will. >> i said to minority leader cantor, and the major headline could be on the front page of the "wall street journal" that the president could be walking back on the plan for tax increases opening the door to saying, look, tax increases may not be part of the deal, the president could be willing to go along with. >> he is talking about where the focus should be in washington getting the debt ceiling handled versus focusing on something else the republicans have worked toward, the balanced budget amendment and they want changes that could last 10 years down the road and prevent a first school crisis from happening and rebound is saying look at this problem now and get it done we are in a deadline. >> if you were looking for something brand new year this wasn't much.
5:04 am
there was a hint that he could accept a deal to get us through 2012 that harry reid and mcconnell will unveil next week. but we also have an interesting development regarding the 80 percent of the american public want tax hikes, right? >> that is what the president said, 80 percent of americans support a balanced approach including revenue increases. and anyone can spin polls however they look but you look at the numbers, karl rove weighs in on this poll specifically. listen. >> the president in a press conference said 80 percent of americans want tax increases. >>guest: not true. not true. not true. he has not spelled out what kind of tax increases he is in favor of but to tax millionaires and billionaires and six times during the news conference corporate jets which pays $3
5:05 am
billion when he is going to run up over 10 years where the budget plan of his will run up $12 trillion in additional deficits. last week the president's credibility was shot down. >> and this poll shows interesting numbers, you can make your own sense of these numbers, 50 percent with spending cuts, that is how it shakes up, and 32 percent with tax increases, and somehow it adds up to 80 percent? >>dave: creative math. karl rove feels this is how it is going to end. they will unveil yet another plan in the house of representatives that says we will take some smaller spending cuts, no tax hikes in there and it will not require the balanced budget amendment but that will be the end deal but we are running out time. we are big time running out of time with just over two weeks away from defaulting. molly: and the rest of your
5:06 am
headlines, a fox news alert, nato is reporting a service member has been killed in southern afghanistan by a man dressed in an afghanistan army uniform. it is unknown whether he is a member of the afghanistan army or in disguise. and a massive search underway for this man, 24-year-old, who escaped from the washington, dc, holding cell and considered armed and dangerous. he is charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant. if if you have information call 9-1-1. >> and the attorneys of casey anthony are not taking any chances and she will likely be released in the middle of the night with a motorcade. yesterday the lawyer admitted she is nervous about her release. >> and, federal transportation officials now looking into whether drugs or alcohol played
5:07 am
a role in the jet collision on the runway at boston's logan airport. the crash was terrifying but newly released tapes reveal the pilot willed calm. >> we will have to wait here for a moment i think we hit the wing. >> did he hit you? >> absolutely, he did. >> the ntsb and f.a.a. help to have a preliminary report on the cause in the next two weeks. and "atlantis," get as surprise wake-up call. >> good morning, atlantis, this is beyonce, you inspire all of us to live our dreams. this song is especially for you. >> beyonce waking you up in the morning! >> the song is "run the world, girls," and today they will
5:08 am
transfer supplies back and forth between the space station and logistics module. >> personal call from beyonce, that would wake me up every morning. >> wonder how the guys on the shuttle feel about "girls rule the world," with that song. rick: and now the records from yesterday, dodge city and garden city, breaking records. dallas, texas, 107, tying the record. it is not just that they were hot, they have been hot for six to eight weeks so it is drying everything out and making it miserable. today the heat advisories extend to the north and almost to canada for excessive heat warnings and temperatures will push 100 but it will be humid so it will feel 110 to 115. already, as you wake up, 81 in kansas city and dallas.
5:09 am
the heat is there and there has been relief across the southeast, places like atlanta waking up to a nice morning with a lot of rain cooling the temperatures down but that is only the case here across the central plains. we are also seeing showers and the humidity is on, so, rain, today, across the pacific northwest and it will not last too, too long but with us just for the day and there is the actually temperatures today, across the mangies -- across the skies. >> viewers are shopping before the heat wave rolls in. get out early. >>dave: folks it looks like a happy ending for a story we have told you about, the u.s. marine defend his country and he wanting a date to the marine corps ball with beautiful hollywood star mila and he stepped up, asked her on youtube and he got the right
5:10 am
answer. molly: she said "yes." he is a handsome guy. sergeant moore. >> you can call me scott, i take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball in north carolina. so take a second and get back to me. >> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. >> okay. >> do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> i'll do it for you. >> and in november? >> you have to go. >> all right. >> we will work this out. we will work this out. >> we will make this happen. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18 and i will be there and i accepted the invitation and i'm staying true to my word. >> and scott moore asked and got an answer. >> there were rumors she could
5:11 am
not go and she could not get to north carolina but she is going, they is in. and now, when justin threw his hat in the ring, prodding her to go, a female marine who is a marshal arts master, she asked justin out. take a listen. >> so, justin, want to scale out my girl mila, i call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12 in washington, dc if you country go and if you can't go all i can say is "cry me a river." >> i accept. but not because she shouted out one of my songs and i do love. and not because she had all those beef cake military guys behind her to try to intimidate me. why get asked out. ever. so i was very nottered by that. it's an honor.
5:12 am
>> he is cool. both patriots. how does this love story end? will they leave today? will they find love. my prediction. >> match making. >> is that a match connection? >> people's court, wrong one. let us know what you think.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>>dave: still in deal on the debt ceiling. and that with the high unemployment could be causing americans to be pessimistic on the economy. 63 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction economically and putting job creation on the back burner. and joining me is a republican representative from virginia. good morning, congressman. my question, the suggestion that this debt ceiling argument is hurting job creation. i have a hard time with that because i don't think police officers are sitting around watching the debates saying, i can't hire unless the debt ceiling is raised. how does it hurt? >>guest: i am a job creator, i am a businessman who came to congress to set this country on
5:17 am
a better fiscal path and i can tell you the direction our country's finances are on is holding back job creation and that is why i got in the race and i feel honored to serve in congress. >>dave: you are a republican that is proposing to cut, cap and balance legislation. you will vote on that in the house of representatives on tuesday. the other side is saying this is merely a symbol with for chance of getting through the senate. so why vote on this? >>guest: well, it shows the from fund philosophical and economic differences between our two parties and particularly the house of representatives, the republicans and the president. congress has demonstrated unwillingness to arrest our out-of-control expenses so it was unwise for the president to dismiss outright a viable land and i look forward to voting for
5:18 am
are this plan on tuesday and will send it to the senate and i hope they will see this is the right path and the president will sign it. >>dave: it seems that any major piece of legislation right now is going down to the last minute whether it is a budget, the debt ceiling. why is that? is that failure in leadership? who is to blame here? are the american people ultimately the ones who are hurt by that? >>guest: well, what has happened in washington, i have been here just six months, the two parties need to be under the great pressure related to a date. that happened routinely with the continuing resolution. i have proposed from the beginning we need to be in session more. we need to be here addressing the country's challenges head on and i wrote a letter with colleagues urging senator reid to keep the senate in session all law august because we're passing, we are headed to another crisis after the debt crisis we have a budget crisis
5:19 am
because the house is passing the bills that reflect the house republican congress budget but there is in way the senate will be able to pass it before the new fiscal year. that is not right. >>dave: i know you be one that signed the pledge not to raise taxes. will you sign a lesser deal, perhaps the one that comes out of the senate that harry reid and mcconnell are working on which is a smaller amount of cuts. >>guest: my pledge is to the good folks of the second district of virginia. decade after decade, we are generating tax revenues around 19 percent our gross domestic product where we need to stay. in that 19 percent range and i am not a representative who will raise taxes in a recession. there are so many other ways to get our economy going again.
5:20 am
>>dave: thank you, congressman. stay tuned.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>>clayton: if your kid cannot control their appetite, should you lose control of your kids? a researcher and doctor at harvard recommends if a child becomes extremely obese taking
5:24 am
custody away from the parents could be the only opening. should the government get involved? you have been weighing in on all week on this, a clinical psychologist and a c.e.o. of vital springs technology. doctors, nice to see you. doctor, talk me off of this because i fall in the bill o'reilly camp, he believes in 99 percent the kids reaching the highest level, this sounds like child abuse children in the doing anything and the children are getting more bidly obese. >> in extreme cases you have to take care of kids but here is the problem. you did not solve a problem by creating a bigger problem. the two things you have to worry about with children is, first and for most, the bonding and attachment development. second, the structure. what they are doing is adding
5:25 am
structure or suggesting to add structure with a total disruption of bonding especially with young kids and that concerns me. >> that is an interesting point. what do you say that the idea of separating the kids from a family and taking them away, the bond is so vitally important is that less important than the weight issue? >>guest: it is ironic that if there is a bonding issue the parents are going to care about that health of the individual and taking them out of the environment that is neglecting their health. bonding is important but when you have a kid that is in the 99th percent, it is ludicrous argument. because if there was bending, somebody would care. they would have intervened before. so bonding clearly did not happen. >> look, no, it is not reasonable to say if somebody is
5:26 am
able to bond as a parent or if a family has bonded that they also possess the ability to add structure and discipline. if you help and that is there, you use the same resources you would pay a foster parents to bring a coach into the home and help the family treat the whole system to add the discipline and structure. i agree the medical aspect of this is important but here is the big problem. you cannot throw bonding out the window because resolving obesity over the course of a life tomorrow, everything we know--. >>clayton: beyond that, doctor, at the end of the day to you want the state to handle the resources? they will go to faster care. is that better? >>guest: well, in those kids in the 99 percent where we have exhausted all of the options that have been mentioned, and the other option, then, is going to surgery, where the economic resources to be spent on the kids over a lifetime will be
5:27 am
enormous, yes, we have to get aggressive. we cannot it is back and say it is okay to neglect the kids and let them fall over the cliff. >>clayton: we all agree we have a weight problem if this because we're talking about the 99 percent of cases and above. the author "necessary findings," check that book out. we appreciate you both joining us this morning. let me know what you thing of this on twitter or e-mail us on your thoughts. stay tuned. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t.
5:28 am
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>>clayton: playing with my new ipad app from fox, and everyone loves it, it is free,
5:32 am
you can watch old segments or recent ones including live streaming coverage of different things, and press conferences, and you can have access to great stories of the morning. and the 405 freeway in los angeles there is a write up about "car armageddon," and that is our affiliate, and i used to take this road to drive home. on a normal day it was brutal. now, with "car armageddon," it will be a nightmare because it is shut down. >>dave: half a million cars travel on this road in los angeles, so stay in. stay in. molly: the relatives in libya get a boost, the united states and 30 allies give the rebels
5:33 am
access to $30 billion in the united states banks. we have heard of "past and furious," of tracking guns to mexico and now another investigation is called for after a second version of the program is running in florida, which reportedly resulted in guns being trafficked to central america. and florida congressman has sent a letter to the a.t.f. demanding answers. >> another top executive had quit after the phone hacking scandal at news international, the paper in britain. and the chief executive of dow jones has resigned and was in charge from 1995 to 2007 of news international and this came hours after brooks announced her resignation. and murdoch has apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad running this weekend in british newspapers. news international is owned by the parent company of fox news.
5:34 am
and facebook, proving to be a live safer for a four-year-old boy. a mother posted a picture of her son who she thought had an allergic reaction but a facebook friend recognized it bass a potentially fatal condition and it towns out her friend was right, and because of the facebook diagnosis, he received treatment before it was too late. >> after seven years of marriage, j lo' and marc anthony call it quits. they said "we have decided to end our marriage, a very difficult decision, and pain will time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time." the two recently performed this very steamy routine at "american idol," in may, and it was hot, and parents of three-year-old twins, but they are divorcing now. >> she might have then her back out during that. >> i doubt, she who is known her
5:35 am
back out a long time ago. >> and now sports. good news this morning, lawyers for nfl players and owners will work over the weekend to try to end the lock out. much progress has been made and the two sides have ironed out most of the economic details including off season workouts and health and safety under discussion and for the first time we learn that the players have a secret insurance fund that will pay each player $200,000 if there is no football this season. nobody wants to collect that money. it looks like we will have football, folks. and the british open, round two, 61-year-old tom watson turning back the clock again. watch this. he was not able to see the hole because it was tough from his point, but if he could see it he would be psyched, drops the 8 on six! everyone that made the cut is
5:36 am
within seven cuts but tom watson could still come out on top. and look at this eagle putt, this brings you become to -- back to life for life. everyone was just a couple of shots from each other. should be a fantastic week. a marine fighting in iraq gets special golf tips. he got to spend a few hours on the range with 18 time major champion, the guest of -- greatest of all time, jack nicklaus. >> try to make it fun and each individual person has different abilities and different swings and try to use your own golf swing and build on that. >> o'reilly will have to make him a patriot. they raised money for warriors and a program that brings
5:37 am
wounded service member to montana for a week of flyfishing. good stuff. >>clayton: good weekend to flyfish in the water because it will be hot, hot, hot. rick: great story. and montana is not so bad but to the east of the rockies, absolutely scorching. the heat index this morning, so rough when you did not get a break overnight you cannot open your windows and cool it down. and the buildings after such a long time of being hot bake and bring the heat inside and that is causing the problem. we will deal with hot temperatures but across the northeast, very nice conditions and clear skies with no rain to the northeast, and across the southeast, it has cooled things down and atlanta at 78, a nice break from the heat you have seen. and more rain today across the southeast, and then the 106 in
5:38 am
wichita. that is air temperature. with the humidity it feels like 115 and that is the case across the northern plains and toward montana and minnesota. and, unfortunately, it will last for a very long time, probably into next weekend, guys, we could be talking about the heat advisory. so that is good news but we have a long week. >> thank you, rick. coming up tonight on huckabee, tea party members and talking about the debt ceiling mike huckabee is joining us and the 87 republicans in the house have been a thorn in the side of rebound and speaker boehner. >>governor huckabee: the republicans know they went with a message. and a mission. to shut the spending done. they are holding everyone's feet to the fire. at some point we have to resolve this and that has to be that there is a solution but what is interesting president obama has not put anything specific open the table. he talks about coming to a
5:39 am
solution but he has given concepts but nothing con crete. the only real solutions are mcconnell and the house republicans and that is one thing that people need to realize. if the president is interested in solving it, be specific. put down, on paper, what your proposal is. >>dave: the republicans vote on tuesday on cut, cap and balance amendment and here is what the "washington post" said about that yesterday "a an ban deprives policymakers of flexibility they need to address national security and economic emergencies," and "gives dangerous power to congressional minority." how do you feel about that characterization of the balanced budget amendment and is it just a symbol? >>guest: the "washington post" is wrong, again. every state has balanced budget amendment but vermont and they practice it anyway. it does not ruin the capacity to govern it gives them the effective capacity to govern because they know they and not spend money they don't have.
5:40 am
what it means it requires you to have a legal of fiscal discipline that congress does not have and never has had. and there is a provision in alabama for extraordinary emergency, for war, for exceptional natural catastrophe. molly: the president wants to combine taxes and spending cuts and says 90 percent of the american public agree. what are your thoughts? >>governor huckabee: the president said he has given up smoking and i think he is taking it back up but he is smoke something continue any if he thinks 80 percent of the membership want tax increases. if you say do you want a balanced approach to fix the economy, if you use that language, you might get 80 percent with if explain "balance" means tax increases you get a different number, 55 percent when asked specifically say they do not want tax
5:41 am
increases. >>clayton: you cannot see any toll you trust. jewish american voter show great concern over the concern of israel and the relationship with the administration and the american government in general. 200865 percent and now 43 percent, of the jewish voters. >>governor huckabee: in israel right now the president's approval not that he has to be approved by the israeli citizens, they were sky-high in 2008 when he ran and now in single digits. i'll be in israel next week to interview "new york times" -- binyamin netanyahu and the israelis have never been more concerned about their relationship with the united states. >>dave: how does it affect re-election? hundred hung -- >>governor huckabee: a lot. the jewish voters were almost a
5:42 am
solid block in 2008 and gave him an extraordinary amount of financial support that i would be surprised if he gets that level this time. molly: and the key battleground states? >>governor huckabee: florida will be have it california state and i am not sure he can win re-election without florida but part of weeing florida is a very solid block of the jewish vote which is specifically headquartered in the southern part of florida. >>clayton: we have much more to talk about and the white house slade is no bias against fox, but the e-mails which are public show something different. copd makes it hard to breathe,
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. remember when the white house said this is in war on fox? they fibbed. and now some e-mails from 2009. "we have demonstrated willingness to exclude fox news from significant interviews." and another e-mail reads "i'm putting dead fish in the fox cubby just cause." >>governor huckabee: be honest. the white house lied about this. that is the big story. not that they were against fox news. everyone figured that out. but they were dishonest, they said this is in bias and now we poe there was but we knew that already. now, be fair, again.
5:47 am
most every occupant of the white house has someone in the press they don't like. >>dave: entire networks? >>governor huckabee: the bush presidency was in the fond of "new york times" or "washington post" and to be fair, ask this, would you help load a gunpointed to your own head? the answer is, no. so if you perceive, and it may in the be true, and the news programming on fox is very fair, very balanced, opinion shows, sure, editorial content and they don't like that. i am not going to go out of my way to give interviews who i know will write a story in a way that--. >>clayton: but bill o'reilly will say come on the show, he is always fair, you get a fair shake when you come on this channel and we have debated on
5:48 am
"fox & friends" and we always have the other side. you don't get that on other networks and i am surprised they would say that. >>governor huckabee: the record of fox good and inviting people to come on and letting them have their say, and whether it is o'reilly or my show, i have had people on i didn't agree and but i let them talk, the best way to defeat a liberal is let them talk. the more they talk the more they will undo themselves. why have to assist them, i let them do their thing. molly: is there something political here? you can rally the troops around this saying we are attacked. >>governor huckabee: face it, if politics you always want to have a dragon to slay. it is good to say someone is out to get me and we have to fight. but the reality is, i tell people all the time, i will put the fox news people against anybody, any network, anywhere, i don't what some of the fox news people think, they may have
5:49 am
voted straight down the line democrat, i don't, i say a good journalist, when a good journalist give as story you come away wondering, what does he or she think and you don't know. if you detect you know what that journalist is thinking, it is not a good journalist but an editorial. >> there is a kid playing ban gentleman -- banjo and he is nine. he will be on the show tonight, and you will see why. don't miss it. more on the debt ceiling, as well. >>dave: up next, the unemployment rate is rising and the government is struggling to create jobs but there is hope. we will tell you who is hiring. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
5:50 am
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molly: in june the unemployment rate rose again to 9.2 percent and just 18,000 jobs were added but despite this dismal date, there are some jobs that are still out there in high supply. and now our guest has who is actually hiring. hope thank you for being here today. you have the information that we all want to hear, for sure. give us a little bit of insight into what the jobs are. we will start with registered
5:54 am
nurses. >>guest: nurses are needed. there is a lot of demand on the health care system. there is a lot of demand in the health care sector and nurse, tops that. >> the average city is $5,000 -- $65,000. and another job is cloud developer, nothing to do with weather, right? >>guest: no, cloud developer is tied to the fact that 94 percent of the world's information is stored digitally and a lot of people are using digital devices to communicate and get information so companies need software engineers that understand data storage and can help them expand their ability to store the data. molly: and that is about $100 the for a job like that. and a c.e.o. strategist, 1.7
5:55 am
seekers for every job opening for $70,000 opening. >>guest: a strategist is search engine optimizing, there is no bachelors, so this is the type of job people who are looking to restrain themselves, there is a lot of information online, and a lot of companies looking for people with the skill set to help market their business in digital age. molly: and truck drivers. >>guest: yes, truck drivers that was a surprise on this list but in a lot of ways it makes sense. lots of goods need to be shifted and the great thing about people looking to reskill themselves, a truck driving, commercial driver's license can be earned this six weeks by schools that provide job placement assistance >> and a lot of people perked up when they thought they could be
5:56 am
quaffed. where can people go for more information? >>guest: we have thousands of these jobs available from the police officers who are looking to hire, and what we also have is our supply and demand section helping employers zero in on the markets where can they fine the hard to recruit tall end. molly: thank you, hope, for the tips on where the jobs are, and we appreciate you stopping in today. >>guest: thank you. molly: if you buy guns in border states the government wants did know about it but a lawmaker says the feds' gun rules break your second amendment rights. stay tuned. ♪
5:57 am
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>> good morning, it's saturday. july 16th, 2011. i'm molly line in for alisyn camerota. they may take the day off from negotiating, but open mic as the president and republicans aired their grievances to the american people. and we will take a look at both sides. >> dave: and he's proud to be american and refuse toss down old glory. i want to see who is going to take this flag down. >> dave: one business's fight against town hall in the name of red, white and blue. >> clayton: police telling children they're committing a crime by selling lemonade. three girls who were told to shut down their stand or else. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now.
6:01 am
hey, good morning to all of you, and the folks here on our plaza. >> yeah. >> the young fox viewer. we're making ice cream and a good way to beat the heat. and national ice cream month. >> thanks to ronald reagan, 1984. >> dave: top is national ice cream day. >> clayton: marble shab creamery out there, we'll grab some fresh ice cream. thank you for waking up with us, the heatwave hits the country. you read the front page. wallwal wall street journal, the president could be backing down as part of the price mike and other things on the table. >> molly: a lot of things getting together. mcconnell working out something the senate might agree on. and the balanced budget
6:02 am
amendment and put something in place for this happening down the road and fiscal crises. and the balanced budget they're going to try it get to. take a listen. >> we're going to bring a bill, cut, cap and balance bill to provide a balanced approach so that we can demonstrate that we are getting things under control and that the people who put us here can gain some confidence. >> we're in the fourth quarter here. time and again, republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and address these issues and i think it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we ask the president to lead, we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech, a real plan. and he hasn't. we will. >> dave: if there's one consistency through all of
6:03 am
this. flip through the papers, you won't find a specific plan. that's why the speaker says let's unveil ours and have statistics and tuesday they'll vote on it. will it pass the senate. no, they will not. the tkts democrats would not vote for a balanced budget amendment the president would never sign it, but the president has fot released anything with single detail. a smaller deal may be the ultimate agreement on both sides. you read it, without any sort of tax increase, that may be the only thing they're going to get. but if you want some specific numbers, dave, throwing out an 80% number. kept saying that americans want-- 80% of americans want a balanced approach to the did debt limit specifically revenue increases, here is what he had to say. >> you have 80% of the american people who support a balanced approach.
6:04 am
80% of the american people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. so, the the notion that somehow the american people aren't sold is not the problem. the problem is, members of congress are dug in ideologically, into various positions because they box themselves in with previous statements. >> dave: so hang on to that big number there. the president says 80% of all of you watching this morning are in favor of raising taxes to get the debt ceiling done. we asked karl rove. >> the president at the press conference said 80% of americans want some-- >> not true, not true. absolutely not true. you'll notice the president has not spelled out what kind of tax increases he's in favor of, september to s except to sa tax millionaires and
6:05 am
billionaires and corporate jets, 3 billion dollars. >> over ten years. >> during which his budget plan calls for 12 trillion dollars of addition al deficit. and just last week the president's credibility was shot-- >> 32% want a balanced approach with equal tax and cuts, and what this speaks to, there are different variances people feel about raising taxes and cuts in spending, what they want. it's not so much one or the other or an extreme, it seems that a the lot of people fall through the middle and the rasmussen poll says 55% disagree that taxes should be included in the debt ceiling increase. so, polls can always be spent and people can try to make them what they want them to be. >> those are the numbers, the straight numbers and the way that spin was interesting, what it speaks to, people understand that look, there needs to be some sort of compromise and realize how
6:06 am
difficult the debt ceiling debate is and tax cuts 80%, not quite accurate. >> dave: they'll get a small deal done past the elections and the referendum is going to be the election between the two parties how you want to balance the budget. we want to hear from you, do you want higher taxes and how how do you think we should arrive at a deal. >> molly: right now a manhunt is underway for a man considered armed and dangerous, 24-year-old james brewer escaped from his washington d.c. holding sell and he may have slipped by security by switching his court i.d. bracelet with another suspect, charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant. anyone with information is urged to call 911. casey anthony reportedly nervous about her release from jail and she will likely be slipped out in the middle of the night before being rushed to a secret location, the orange county sheriff's office admits the release will be unusual due to the high
6:07 am
profile nature of this case, but she will not receive any special treatment beyond the normal protection for someone at risk. and passengers described it as terrifying, pilots of two jets na collided at boston's logan airport sound surprisingly calm. >> we're going to have to wait here for a moment. i think we hit the rj off the wing. >> did he hit you with his wingments absolutely he he did. >> they're investigating the crashing, possibility that drugs or alcohol may have been involved. and talk about helping out a hero, james was forced out of his hollywood, florida home after the rundown conditions caught the attention of code enforcement and learned he was a veteran and in no condition to do the repairs, an organization that helps low income disabled soldiers, came to the rescue, he says it's a dream come true. >> they're doing a fine job and an excellent job.
6:08 am
and i don't know how to thank them. >> rebuilding together broward county, country, spent over $25,000 in renovations and he's expected to move back in on monday. >> i think it was broward county. >> molly: thinking it as i said it. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth with the steamy forecast, is it fair to call it steamy? >> very fair. across the plains. and that's why you're saying steamy. i want to tell you, put this into perspective, talking how hot it is. let now how hot it's been for so long. june 1st, 45 days since june 1st and look at the numbers, 41 of those days in atlanta have within above average and 43 in mobile, alabama and today a little bit of a break, 78 degrees in atlanta a slight break for a little bit across parts of the southeast. take a look, across the central plains, absolutely at
6:09 am
32, memphis 35 and 40 in little rock, and towards texas and kansas and lubbock, every day since june 1st you're above average. you're warm in the summer and you get the temps that are warm so long, it's grueling and that's why people are suffering across the plains. we've had breaks across parts of the southeast and decent rain here, and drought there as well and we need the rain and we're taking off the temperatures a little bit. not dropping the temperatures across the plains, getting the showers and thunderstorms and this afternoon more of that and across the west, anytime you have so many heat in one spot, another place abnormally cold and that's the pacific northwest, a below average summer at this point and they'll kind of enjoy this. the current heat index, waking up. kansas city, 88 degrees. you've got a rough day ahead of you. >> clayton: listen to this in new jersey. there's a town there called the rio grande.
6:10 am
>> molly: wait, there's more. >> clayton: the owner of the four seasons diner, you can see it hanging above he's got flag pendants hanging above the line, that's a $1,000 fine in the township, they say it's a distraction and the diner's owner, moved here from greece and naturallized and says he would rather die than take thm down, take a listen. >> he he come around and say the flags have to come down. they're american flags. unless i cannot see, i'm blind, i die and go to jail for that flag and see who is going to take this flag down. >> dave: you've got to consider this guy's position, he comes here to the united states because of opportunities and the american dream. opens that business, and he is he' proud of his country and wants to show it off and to tell him it's a distraction to show off fur pride, good for him for standing up and people say they may pay his fine. an e-he mail from chuck, please let george now if he
6:11 am
gets find i'll pay the $100. >> i thought it was a thousand. >> 10%, all right. and i think we can find nine years. >> molly: another to say i'm disgusting the town in new jersey, calling our flag a distraction. >> merle writes the american flag should always be be displayed and respectfully. we heard other e-mails saying that's not really the american flag when it's on a line like that. the flag code may not be accurate and others urging him maybe get some regular american flags up there. maybe a compromise, who knows. good luck to him and we appreciate to him he's sticking to his guns. let us know what you think >> molly: and government wants to know about it do the feds new gun rules violate your second amendment rights? we report you decide. >> clayton: a burglar messed with the wrong guy.
6:12 am
>> breaking in my house, i have my guns on him right now, and-- >> you can hear from the iraq war veteran who took matters into his on hands. ♪ ♪ on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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>> welcome back. a new federal gun policy is coming under fire this week. the atf announced that gun shops in four border states, must report of multiple sales of semi automotive rifles on the heels of a federal fast
6:16 am
and furious gun sting which mistakenly put weapons in the hands of criminals. is this policy just an attack on our second amendment right. >> congress us texas republican, thank you for being with us here on the couch. >> great to be here. >> you think that the new gun legislation is maybe born out of political opportunism using the fast and furious backlash, hey, we need to put new gun regulations in play. >> don't let a good crisis go to waste and you wonder if this was a manufactured crisis, nobody can think what they did in fast and furious was a good idea. if you watch a single cop show, you know how to run an investigation. this makes no sense. >> to be fair, have there been moves that suggests they're going to attack the second amendment rights? >> a new policy in place, two or more weapons in a border state. it's got to be reported to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and
6:17 am
firearms and new legislation that was announced yesterday that the democrats are proposing to tighten the regulations on gun running. we haven't completely analyzed the effects of that legislation yet but sure enough just like you suspect. more legislation coming out of it and more rules affecting the southwest and critics say what's wrong with having the individuals walking in, having to buy semi automotive rifles. shouldn't that be flagged and we should be looking at that. >> you don't wan a data base of law abiding gun owners. my daughter amanda and i share the same birthday december 12, if i want to buy her a weapon and my weapon, i'm going to get reported for buying two. >> and the house will vote on this, cut, cap and balance amendment on tuesday, the heart of this is a balanced budget amendment like 49 of the 50 states, you want the
6:18 am
government to, i assume, to balance its budget. is this merely a symbolic vote because the senate won't pass it and would you be willing to vote on something lesser, a lesser deal like we've talked about? >> the yeah, we've come up with multiple plans to get spending under control. we came up with the ryan republican budget. we've come up with the cut, cap and balance program we haven't gotten a thing from the democrats or the white house. we're trying to do our jobs, you know, i'm not back down in corpus christi, texas i'm up here talking to you about it and going back it washington d.c., we've got plans. >> what about the 4 trillion, david brooks saying that was the mother load that, 4 trillion dollar plan for president speaker boehner had on the table there, it seems like it was a wasted opportunity and had all kinds of cuts and revenue increases in there, of course, but then also a mix of entitlements being cut and the whole package was there? >> we've run up against a deadline that's coming out of
6:19 am
the administration of august 2nd. so, we're-- and then it seems like the the reports i'm getting back from our leadership is that every day we're actually losing ground in negotiations and so many people now at the table, everybody's got something they want to save and we're losing ground. that's not the way-- >> too many cooks in the kitchen. >> should be an interesting week and rpg corpus christi, texas. >> great being here, thank you for having me. >> coming up on the show, the video that people around the country watched in horror. >> this story makes me sick. eight-year-old boy moments before he was kidnapped. >> judge janine pirro weighs in on this. >> and police bust up a serious crime and see a kid selling lemonade and three young girls told to shut down their stand coming up. the 3.6-liter pentastar v6 engine in the jeep grand cherokee has a best in
6:20 am
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>> welcome back to the big show. big headlines for you, americans in new mexico warn that could be-- in juarez, mexico, across from el paso texas may lead to retaliation and looking live. take an at this, empty 405 freeway in los angeles as carmageddon is underway. ten mile stretch of the 405. one of the busiest freeways in the free world closed early monday morning and the construction project aims it relieve the notorious bad traffic and if you leave work at 5 p.m. at a normal night. expect to get home at 7:30. molly. >> it used to be the way to teach your kids the importance of money and did a crime,
6:24 am
recently police officers in midway, georgia, shut down a lemonade stand by the girls. they didn't have the proper permits and now the police want them to give up cash. thank you for joining me, guys. >> glad to be here. >> molly: and let's start with mom. amy why did you decide to have the lemonade stand to teach these girls will earning money and working for your reward? >> yes, they asked if they could go to the water park and i told them i didn't have the money and they come back to me and said, well, if we get the money can we go? and i said, sure, i'll take you. that's when they decided to do their own lemonade stand and i told him i didn't want a part of it they could do it theirselves and earn their money and that's what they did. >> everything went great for the first day and trouble on the way.
6:25 am
cat threaten, what happened? >> the police officers came by and they told us that we had to take it down because, well, first they told us we couldn't hold the sign up, but then, when they were coming out of the neighborhood told us we couldn't have the lemonade stand. >> exactly. this is a permitting issue. we have a quote i want to read from the midway police chief kelly morning star. we were not aware how the lemonade was made, and made withen and acted according to the ordinance. they didn't make the rules, they were enforcing them. what kind of reaction from the community. tiffany has anyone said anything to you about the way things started out? >> no. >> no. >> well, what about you, schyller, what are you hearing from your neighbors and folks as this goes forward? >> that this shouldn't happen. >> and we know that some folks there in your local area, a
6:26 am
local tv station has come through and given you guys the water park tickets, right? >> yes. >> yeah, but what do you think about that? the goal of course was to teach them about being indu industry oust, what do you feel about the lesson learned? >> i mean, would you do this again? would you do it again. >> yes. >> molly: wow, you guys are ready to get started. so, now, here is the thing about the permits, they're a little pricey, do you think you'd be able to get your money back on the lemonade even if you got the permit $100 a day, $150 per year. >> no. >> probably not. >> molly: pretty big lemonade stand, quite a lot of work. >> yeah not like one in our front yard. >> molly: exactly. have to real set up shop. we're glad you're going to get to the water park and got out there and great to see young
6:27 am
business leaders starting off. thank you guys for joining us today. >> thanks. >> molly: thanks, guys. all right, well, coming up a would-be robber learns the hard way, don't mess with an american hero. >> caught to be breaking into my house, i have my guns on him right now. >> meet the iraq war veteran who stopped a burglar in his tracks and if you're moving or need some space in your house, the home depot has storage solutions for projects of all sizes.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. i'm clayton morris and molly line and dave briggs outside and going to get some reaction. harry potter, big numbers this weekend already. and last night. 42 million dollars. unbelievable. overnight already for the opening night and of course, we add up the overseas money we've already made. >> the final installment, reminiscent of the epic battle on capitol hill. look at the movie promo poster
6:32 am
boehner facing off against obama, it ends. and look at we put together something special. ♪ ♪ >> i've been hearing from my republican friends for quite some time that a moral imperative to tackle our debt in a serious way so i've said to them, let go. >> we are in a crisis. >> i am he' voting no on the debt ceiling. >> failing to raise the debt ceiling would be armageddon.
6:33 am
>> oh! >>. >> i will not sign a 30-day, 060-day or a 90-day extension. >> this debt limit increase is his problem. >> stop it, forget about it. >> failure is not an option. >> this could have been avoided. >> come on! >> you think you can hold the government ransom. >> will not support cuts. >> if not now, when? >> there it is, truly epic battle. >> hugely partisan. dave briggs outside right now with the throngs of
6:34 am
individuals who get a sense of what their reaction is to the debt problem. >> hey, buddy, hugely partisan, i don't know if that's a movie i want to see. harry potter took in 80 million and night beat the "dark knight" i know that clayton would be sad about that. what they think about all this have, dave from colombia, missouri, a jayhawks fan not tigers fan joins us this morning. what do you think when you see the back and forth between pelosi, boehner, cantor, obama, what's your take away, are the american people left out? >> it is a lot of political games frankly. i wish they were more honest about the facts and more honest about the solutions and quite playing the games, too many games ogg on. >> they're going to go back and forth, back and forth and alex from indiana, what would you like to see? honestly we're never going to get a washington d.c. that runs the way the american people would like. what would you want to see. >> i think the that poet
6:35 am
parties need to come together and the republicans to hold fast and negotiate other issues including the debt ceiling and put it altogether in one package and give american people what they want, true reform. >> dave: what do you think is the most important to the american people, the democrats or republicans are missing. >> getting the budget under control and getting our number game together. spend what we bring in and don't spend more than that. >> dave: and if maybe they balanced their budget the way we all have to balance our checkbooks, right? sandy here from bowling green, kentucky. is that the most frustrating part we have to balance our checkbooks, 49 of the 50 states do so, but the federal government is missing that. what's frustrating? >> it is. what's frustrating how simple it is, you stop spending and don't spend more than you take in and there's no need for higher taxes. the need is for them to stop spending our money. >> dave: but sandy, the president says 80% of the american people are okay with raising their taxes to raise
6:36 am
the debt ceiling, are you suggesting that's not true. >> that shows you how out of touch our president really is because he's wrong, yeah, we really need to stop spending our money. it's not his money, it's our money and he's spending it like crazy and he really doesn't know what we want. >> dave: thank you, sandy. jim from youngstown, ohio one of the best cities that produce football coaches ever. we won't talk football this morning we're talking back and forth the partisan struggle. what frufs you as you sit here and watch all of this. >> i think what's frustrating when i watch television, see the riots going on in greece, you know, i'm afraid it's going to have to get to that here in the united states before washington does something. and it trufs me because it doesn't have to get that bad here, but scares me maybe it will have to get that bad before ne solve the problems. >> dave: deliver a message to the republicans and democrats. >> the time is now to fight the debt. whether with the debt ceiling
6:37 am
or the next budget. we don't have to wait until there's rioting to solve it, however you have to get it done. >> dave: maybe all of you people need to be at the table next week when they debate this. where is that "fox & friends" onesie, where did it go? we're going to get that homemade "fox & friends" unzy. is that spectacular? >> sfaft viewers. >> get a look at that, guys. >> i think our fox viewers made more sense on the issues than half of washington. and people are well informed and have an opinion and sharing a lot of frustration, and maybe the differences of opinions, but waiting in washingt washington. >> clayton: you can weigh in, and sign up on twitter, if you haven't already. >> molly: army major hassan accused of killing people in
6:38 am
the shooting free. you 13 counts of premeditated murder. the former army psychiatrist could face the death penalty if convicted. he was left paralyzed after being shot by a police officer. it happened in an instant. watch as this suspect dives onto the floor of a best buy floor in german town, as he gets up, a one-year-old boy walking towards him and grabs him and he heads for the door. panicked the boy's father runs after him. >> as he got to the first door, maybe realized what he was doing, he threw my son out of the way i was right there and on him. >> police arrested 23-year-old jermaine palmer, charged with child abduction and assault. and a burglar picked the wrong house to rob an evansville, indiana and turned out, grabbed his gun and went inside. he joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about the pretty drama confrontation.
6:39 am
>> he turned and looked at me and i turned my laser and flashlight on that's when he actually had the attention and he took two steps toward me and that's when i told him take another step, and i'll pull the tryinger, commanded him on the ground and crossed his legs, interlaced and the suspect even asked to use the phone and the bathroom while he was held down and the marine was able to get his property back, including a military medal. and those are your headlines. >> all right. outside, to date, once again, back out to me, buddy. >> dave: well, you walk into your closet, storage room and attic and find an avalanche of stuff? mike cartozza from home depot is here, what happens when i walk into my attic. >> clear the clutter and you hit the nail on the head and most people have too much stuff in the closets,
6:40 am
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6:41 am
colors, if you're going through the drudgery of getting organized it's nice to have some bright colors, these are nice to look at, but you can use the colors to an advantage, a certain types of things in one color and you know what's in the box. >> and sporting goods. >> or christmas decorations, outdoor stuff, whatever makes sense for you, clear totes, a lot of folks like clear totes, they can see what's in there. >> and it's sealed. >> locked in place and some start around $6. from martha stewart, there are closet organization systems you can buy that can be really, really expense zych. these ar great price and show you, this closet. obviously, this space there was nothing in here this morning, and we stalled this this morning, took about 20 minutes and all of these-- >> thousands of dollars-- >> like 150 for the system. this is martha's deluxe
6:42 am
starter kit. there are different compartments and things to make it personal and work for you, but all of the pieces basically hang off the main support rack in the back and this will fit a closet four to eight feet and it's expandible and fit the space that you have. hang everything in the configuration that makes sense. >> don't have it spend 10 grand. this is a cubby system. comes in six or nine and get these are separate, but nice, come in all colors, if you're not using them. fold up and store them anywhere and it's a nice look for a spare bedroom, a kids room and the shelving units are easy to put together. the shelf and the support rack that slaps together. and i didn't put this on. basically the supports snap into place and i literally put it together in two minutes this morning, and it snaps together. a lot of options. >> and more solutions at home depot, check out home
6:43 am and mike, always a pleasure. molly, what is coming up. >> molly: a truly tragic story capturing the nation's attend. an eight-year-old boy kidnapped and murdered on the way home from camp. what we can all learn from t the. case. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a sqre foot.
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>> this is a tragic sending shock waves across the country. eight-year-old walking home alone for the very first time from day camp last monday. >> this video shows the boy seemingly lost abducted by a man known as levi aaron. aaron brutally murdered the eight-year-old, eventually confessing to his crime. how can parents protect their children from child predators, let's go janine pirro, the
6:47 am
judge is here this morning, emmy winner that he we so love and adore. >> dave: janine, this is frightening and every parent seeing the store and what's the take away for a parent. >> the take awashings i was the district attorney, the d.a., i did this for 30 years, there are predators who roam freely in our society. do nothing, but stalk our children, they are on the hunt. they are cunning and devious, what does it mean? if you have children one of the things you absolutely must do is talk to them about what is going on in the world. don't sugar coat it. you've got to be honest with your kids tell them not to talk to strangers, but as d.a. i would bring in parents and kids and say to kids, draw a stranger. someone who has pock marks, tattoos, he smokes cigarettes, he's dirty, but a stranger is a guy the next door as we say in brooklyn. the stranger looks like
6:48 am
grandpa or uncle joe. >> you see cases like this, a guy, what's troubling about this, learning from the new york post this morning, he may have tried to snatch somebody else's kid and how is he still on the street. >> that's exactly the issue. they are hunting our children. every minute of the day, they're looking for a child and remember, this man moved from tennessee, from memphis and police as sure as i'm sitting here, are going through all of the neighborhoods that they lived in, all the missing children and you don't just snap one day and decide i'm going to kill an eight-year-old. it was classic, within 24 hours the boy was dead. innocent asking for directions, teach them to yell and scream and teach them to yell he's a stranger, not my father. kick, yell, never get in a car. if a guy says i need you to help he me look for the puppy, picture after puppy and kids are so sweet, they go or need to give this to your mommy and reach for a car and drag the kids in the car, i mean, it's a dangerous world. don't sugar coat it, don't
6:49 am
scare your kids, but tell them there are people out there who will not, who will do harm to you. >> dave: share the the story. use it as an example. >> it's teaching unfortunately for this poor little boy. >> dave: horrible story. >> horrible. >> dave: watch justice with judge pirro. and the latest on casey anthony who gets out of jail tomorrow. >> where is she going? we're going to squelch some of the rumors and the lawyer on and how much money she's going to make. >> unbelievable. judge, thank you so much. >> they've been playing together since high school and rocking our studio. live on "fox & friends," there they are. ♪ ñwkó
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6:53 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends" here, a little bit of them in in high school in new york city, and the guys began playing shows around manhattan. they were seniors. >> and now fresh off the debut sales, rock and roll here at "fox & friends," thanks for coming in with us. >> hi, guys. >> look at the album cover, your brand new first album, that cover, you've known each other since high school, is it safe to call you guys, high school sweethearts? look at the album. >> not safe. >> clayton: your first album now, and it's a big deal. how long did it take you to put the songs together. >> two years. >> molly: i have to say you have a unique sound. a retro rock sound, indy rock sound. >> it's retro. i wouldn't say indy, it's rock and roll. >> molly: a classic sound to it. >> clayton: you got to see paul mccartney play last night. >> they did. >> clayton: cool at yankee
6:54 am
stadium. and he he played to 80,000, i'm not sure how many he played last night, but you're playing to a few million. take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ i say, one, two, three, just don't stop for you ♪ ♪ 'cause i, i, i know
6:55 am
♪ like i know, what i say, i can't stand goodbyes ♪ no, i can't stand it. ♪ oh, you want to talk to me about nothing i want to hear the radio ♪ ♪ all right now, ♪ oh, no, one, two, three, you're so fine, you want... ♪ ♪ four, five, six, now, baby, just don't stop me now ♪ ♪ ♪ 'cause i, i, i know ♪
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♪ i can't stand goodbyes ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, baby now ♪ you see, i know, oh i, i know ♪ ♪ i can't stand goodbyes >> "fox & friends" will be be right back. well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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